10 April 2014

Birthday Celebration No.1

 When you ever get to see this cake, which mean it's my birthday again !!!! I still remember last year I'm really upset about they can't make it to me as the bakery owner is busy and can't handle for order.
This year I make a call earlier to get this. It's my honor to have this as my birthday cake, damn nice!

Really in love with this strawberry cheesecake, really can't find a cake full of strawberry like this at JB area.
If you interest about this cake you may contact Cecelia at 016 718 9855.
well recommend for their blueberry oreo cheesecake also

Well, compare to have a nice look at CNY, I rather to get a new look at my birthday. It was like feeling fresh to my new year. I buy a new blazer and shoes for the day.Theme is korean style.

Blazer from H&M

Inner wearing a dress......

dress from H&M

this shoes may look normal but I like the simple and the design for the heel part.

shoes from VNC

As I follow the theme, aspired by Cheon Song Yi make up>,,,<

I still not used to make up w/o color lens, Lens can make you up more but w/o lens, the face looks more nature and more challenging to skill up the make up 

Went to Lazio to get my birthday dinner with family.

wild mushroom soup

smtg crepe?

Tomahawk Rib Eye Chop

the steak is tasty and well cook, i should capture a pics when i'm eating, so that you can know juicy it's.

And more and more, food time w/o pics..Briefly tell you that this restaurant is not a place people can afford, atmosphere is quite nice but the service is sucks. Waiters are not well trained and not knowledgeable to provide information about the menu. We keep asking or shave hand to ask someone for help. The famous slogan at there will be "Hold on, I need to check first"

Pics with mummy, feeling love as mummy buy this dinner.

with aunt~
and the Polaroid period with all<3

love the below pics most. coz I'm look nice with little Bella

After the dinner I hang out with Xue Chin, she came and fetch me to the nearby cafe at Austin
It's newly open and actually official open at the day I went
The logo for the cafe looks like similar some icon or brand but I really can't recognize it.
Do you know what it looks like?

Maybe it just looks like Google+ logo =,=///

Atmosphere at there is nice, it doesn't like the normal cafe as this is well renovated. I wondering the leave wall are the actual pot plants hang on the wall.

Even the menu also design by theme of  bear? The owner might love bear much as beside the main door also got a big bear figure

I'm sitting outdoor as need to smoke, indoor lighting looks like the above.

The staircase to second floor. And, the BEAR.

the water bottle provided was like the Thailand mineral water bottle.

English breakfast tea

Order English breakfast tea for chilling only.

the glass was so cute~~~~~~~!

orange juice

but the problem is it might leak out if you fill up full.

we din get to get a pic as keep gossip, just solo pics.

I'm happy about that night coz it was rain and I'll look normal to wear blazer.

everyone love to get my phone to selfie~~

I forgot my polaroid and keep talking
I forgot my polaroid and keep talking
I forgot my polaroid and keep talking
I forgot my polaroid and keep talking
I forgot my polaroid and keep talking
I forgot my polaroid and keep talking


I actually saw her blog post about my birthday before I post mine...(os: feeling loved)
I really thanks that those time who ever accompany even though I know that it doesn't help much.
I appreciate who ever accompany me at that time and most of them are really my bff
I know myself well and I'm not really a person who keep in touch
People will getting closer must be according to fate and the communication they did
might be one of us keep another in touch so that we will become closer
both of us know well we not that kind of hypothesis person
but I appreciate the joyousness you bring over to me

Regarding the travel she mentioned, actually I not think that she doesn't help lots
Some of the place we visited as she mentioned and I just look for information
I thought two ladies going thru the place we are not familiar and visit it is one kind of adventure
we really did well at that without any accident or hurt
And I'm happy about I bought back lot of good stuff
feel like wanna go again>.,,.<


More details:

Lazio Italian restaurant & cafe

Lot 21350, Batu 4 1/2,
Jalan Skudai, Dnaga Bay,
80200 Johor Bahru.

07 2217988




No. 147, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

07 3006063