27 November 2014


I'm just insist the one that I really wanted and remain it as long as possible.
Silent means a lot to me when few issues happened make me know the virtue of it.
Not update to any doesn't mean that I'm not care about, what my view is no news will be a good news.
When I get through the things that happened in past few years, I'm always think that I got group of amazing friends surround me and keep in touch either.
I'm not really tell people what's going on about myself as I treat it as a part of private self.
I can't really change my personality and habits when I passed through those story, but I may tell you the some story about my recent life.

I'm just insomnia tonight. GN.


25 October 2014


建议大家如果要看文章的话按下PLAY, 觉得自己会有闲话家常的fu


人越长越大不就会越来越了解自己吗? 如果你不是的话我可以说我是




P/S 1: 最近看无限挑战的广播DJ特辑觉得DJ很伟大,有空大家也要收听电台哦,虽然不是很好听,不过我是那种早上出门一定会听电台的人。(单纯为了路况情报)

P/S 2:其实有几篇文应该po的,太随便没关系对吧。(没关系,你就是这样啊)

10 September 2014



hey~not that I don't update
I'm actually got nothing to update since I'm lazy to transfer my pics from my mobile

quite busy these days, I'm still need to figure out how should I focus more on class
even those subject I learned before but I should admit I forgot all that
and the most stressful thing is the same subject teach by different lecturer is hard to absorb
like this semester i got six subject
three I'd learned before, how could I erase all those crappy little messy memory to remember the latest?

some more it's hard to keep in touch to others as most off my class mix with other course and even some are exchange student...
I rather be alone!!

I'm sick i know
sick for a lot of stuff

just let me murmur a little about my recent life


02 September 2014


Recently get amazed by 2048, overdose about it
(overdose? song of EXO~)
I'm admit that me is quite an outdated person
people playing this like few months ago....

I'm still trying to hit the higher score
How's your result?


31 August 2014

Start up.

Hey~I din update since last time getting emo and emotional stress...(like finally cheer up myself)
wanna update about myself, I finally enrolled to my degree course, major in International Business and YES, I choose Taylor's again
Among my choices I really get a long consideration just decide to go back Taylor's, actually it's not a place I can really afford but about the credit transfer let me feel so troublesome for register others Uni, if study oversea it must be spent a lot... From my long consideration (like wasted one year of time) it become my best selection.
FYI, if you know me well, I'm not that kind of saving person, I do spent a lot for apparel and travel although it's such kind useless leisure
Anyway, I become a student again...Also, I'd like to introduce you my previous colleage if I can manage to align my pics at Adecco.

Class start week ago but for now is Merdeka holiday, I get back hometown again, and check my myopic eye...My degree increase again, what should I do about... As you can see, the lens is quite thick but I like this new spec much♥

And I finally get a new pair of sport shoes which suit my short & fatty leg... It's slip on and like an outgoing pair of shoes, I decide to wear it for mix and match also...

Lastly, anything of you wanna ask me can comment it at the right bar, I locate a comment bar for convenience.


16 August 2014



明明说了不分离 要一直一直在一起
结果呢 抛弃信言的人是谁
如果不知道永远多远 不要说永远

14 August 2014

The End?

This is the first time I post about travel, I'm still need some time to add on the detail of my trip. The place I visited will be add on to the detail like before. My English not that good so all the thing might not so clear but I try to get my best to edit those information. 

The last day at Sri Lanka I do nothing. Seriously, after my breakfast I'm lazy so I just spend my times at hotel room with some movies channel and wait for my driver fetch me to airport.

Spend quite a long time to check in and on board.

This is the first time I travel alone. I'm not brave enough to become a backpacker. I contact with a travel agency as the prove they offered is similar with what I research online. I do much research online so that lot of places I explore I know well. 

The only exception is Anuradphura. I'm surprise that the whole area is historical site. Anyway, I will get to update if I memorize any important message.

I reached Malaysia around 10pm, ,mummy come and fetch me and we get dinner at the airport mall.
A cafe called Nanny Pavillion. I love the blueberry lemonade, never try this before but it taste fresh.

Nothing much to update, thanks for reading although it spend much of time than I imagine. It happened one month ago...Time flies, maybe I will went back to this beautiful and friendly country one day.


13 August 2014

Day 8 & 9.

I already lost my memory, I tried to memorize those ....!!!

I tied up my hair coz the weather damn hot and I don't want my hair become oily under the sun burn
I bring few clothes only so need to repeat some 

I braid my hair and tied it up so that I looks nature and neat

before I get to Bentota, I get a visit to Galle fort. It's one of the reason i wanna go to Sri Lanka.
These are some scene and view I capture inside the fort.

This is the famous lighthouse

Then, I go to Bentota for my hotel. Bentota is a smaller beach than Unawatuna, it locate at the middle point to Colombo.
Saw this cute greeting decoration from the hotel,,,

This coconut drinks like the mouse, so damn cute>,,,<~!!!

I need to admit that I'm fucking bored as the beach is nothing, hotel massage to expensive so I not bare to spend my money...Just read something and whatsapp my friend disturb them!!

At night, I went to a restaurant nearby to grab some seafood. My tour guide told me that seafood at Bentota is cheaper than others place. I'm not compare much, But I get a lobster for RS 6,000 (with the salad, fried rice and soup).

The next day, I really get mad about the travel agency as they not arrange probably, I can't get my train journey to Colombo...............Damn!!WTH~

At the end I seat car to destination. As I reached hotel around 11am (I skip lot of schedule that I think not necessary, that's the main reason why I'm so free at all the trip), I take a rest and walk out myself to look around this capital.
Actually their capital is nothing better than our normal city, but they still develop their country, who's know, maybe one day they will better than us.

Okay, back to the topic, I walk out myself and look for Galleries Cafe. It's about 10 minutes walking distance from my hotel. Need to admit that I will miss this place very much, one of the best cafe I'd been. It locate at Paradise road, is behind some of the hotel and around housing area.... The main entrance,,,,

after you walk in will see these arts,,,

The unique art seat,,,

The cafe itself,,,,

I'm still full and left not much money, so I get desserts and tea only. From what i seen people recommend, it really has nice ambiance and delicious food....Their food and beverage price is like our normal price, some of it might cheaper than here....

After that I went to Cargills Food City nearby the shopping mall, get some snacks to try and the cup noodles????


finally left one post only....

07 August 2014

Day 6 & 7.

As you seen at last few post, I din post up any my hotel pics BUT, wanna introduce the hotel I live at Nuwara Eliya. From their history we know that Sri Lanka occupied by Dutch and England before, most of the place remain the building from previous, Nuwara Eliya is one of the place continuous this culture style.... 

After this I went to tea plantation, the largest at Sri Lanka, Mackwood tea factory... there are a big sign like the Hollywood board from Beverly Hill ( I din get that pics),,, When you reached the tea factory will received pot of tea which is free to test...

Some decor i think is unique from the cafe,,,

After that I get a 6-7 hours long journey, I'm finally arrived Unawatuna Beach...Actually I should arrived to Mirissa but the travel agency got something wrong for the arrangement so that I exchange to Unawatuna for staying two night....

I love the place like that,,,there are shop lot along the beach and selling diff kinds of souvenir or boutique,,,I spend my days reading books at beach and walk around :)

Unawatuna Beach
I get a tuk tuk drive me around Unawatuna, get a chance to go the hilltop and get the full scene from top...

Some pics from the beach,,,

wears on the day,,,

Unfortunately, I fall down when i step into the beach, fucking pain~!!!

what my life along the beach is just smoke, drinks and eat...

Share with you something,,, the breakfast provide from every hotel is almost like this, a fresh juice with a coffee, plate of fruits, breads with butter jam and omelette....