12 May 2014


I've been busy for past two weeks and not really got time to take care here
before I'm start getting busy, I hangout with Angie and Gary
went to Bangsar area as not really know where to go, it's been a time I'm not coming here
just wanna come and checkout what's going on, maybe

Went there on Sunday and I thought might be not crowd as Saturday but was wrong
I'm queue to the car park and hardly or luckily I get a place after entrance
First we think that went to Antipodean for getting brunch as it well recommend by some of the website
Second, we think that we can also went to Yeast
Unfortunately, both is full and queue to the next shop
so that we give up and went to Three Little Pigs

look up for their menu, it's very interesting

I'm not really capture all but when you go thru the whole menu
there are the tale story as comic at every single pages

Me and Angie <3

The environment

 They serve non Halal food. Pork lovers can come and explore here as most of the cafe at KL area is not served pork. So that these are our orders.

The Bid Bad Burger
This is mine, the meat was a little bit salty, other than that is okay
means, really so so only.

The Wolf's Favourite
Among our orders, I think this is the best. but you need to finish it fast, else there will be a bit disgust as the egg will make the spaghetti stick and beacon will make the taste even more salty.

Curry Pork Don???
 Gary order this~don't know how it taste but I swear he not full for this little

Overall their food is salty, I dislike salty. My probs.

It was raining that day, so that we walking around again to see where we should have some dessert and chilling
end up went to Tous Les Jours

When the time I saw the pics they post on FB  I thought this outlet may big as Bukit Bintang but it's really tiny and crowd

This is the area for bakery and cake

Self order for any of your drinks, cashier will give you the number plate, just tell them what you want and paid
they will serve you right after that.

we actually just seat right in front of this place, the shop is narrow and hardly look for seat

I order a tea as there are raining outside.
Love the feeling like this. seating next to the window and you can see outside got people walk around
you having your tea and just chill and chit chat with your friends
feel that being love

Gary get this bread as dessert
It looks simple but very yummy, between the gap there apply a jam taste like kaya
it's very very yummy

I tried sweet potato cake but still prefer Namoo one. 

make up on that day, is a simple simple style of make up
as after I stop using the stupid fucking MEO skincare my face getting rotten back.
maybe just my probs (OS :Again???)

pretty face when at good lighting and camera 360. hahaha


More details:

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf


Lot G1A Ground floor
Bangsar Village I
1, Jalan Telawi
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur


+603-2283 2270

Tous Les Jours


39-41 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur


+603-2201 3526