24 May 2014

What are you do recently?

I'm reading this book chinese ver. recently
Maybe the English ver. better as I'm consider to get the original version and re-read
Can't wait to watch this movie soon.
I saw the trailer yesterday, thinking that I need a tissue box with me whenever watching this
Even I just half way reading this book, I've touching for few parts
among the couple, among the family
I love Gus, he's an amazing guy like never gonna meet a guy like him after

One more thing I've been follow up is this
a korean comics ‘A love story for can't see and can't heard'
I just directly translate it like that
I'm not sure whether it English name is like this

It's about a love story for disabled people, a blind and a deaf
so far I found out there are really get their way to communicate with each other
which mean, love can be connected in anywhere

Will get the review for this two soon.
Just give me some time to finish it.