21 July 2014


I stay at JB before I went to Sri Lanka. Initially wanted to get a flight and transfer the flight inside airport, it fail as the time was too rush and afraid that I can't manage to on board on time. So I get a direct bus from Yoyo which JB office is located at bus station Tun Aminah. You may find their website Yoyo Holiday for more information, the company provide only few routes but most of it are direct bus to airport.

I reached airport around 11am but my flight was 1pm, so that I take my time and walk thru the super long corridor for reach the gate. Spend about 15 mins to walk there,,

have my brunch at Dome inside the departure hall... the balognese look simple but it's delicious.

 time to go, before that, let me take a selfie XD

seriously, I feel my skin even better after I use Aviderm. looks fairer and my face allergic getting better now.

  get awake from the cabin crew, ate this looks Nasi Lemak but taste not really Nasi Lemak punye Nasi Lemak.

Hooohey~I reached the destination!! The weather was little rainy, after I reached Negombo it become better

Some of the pics I capture when turn around their town,,

 People stay at here mostly Christian, there are lot of religion figure along the road. I din get the picture of it as only by pass

I captured petrol station as I think  the pronounce for Ceypetco like one of the chinese rude word

there are full of decoration around the roundabout, I manage to capture one of it. It might be their culture as when I'm going around Sri Lanka, found out there must be some decoration or monument stand at roundabout. 

There lot of fisherman at Negombo, some of them also let their fishing boat behind their house like what above you seen.

This is the view from hotel room

In front hotel is a beach . The wave too high so I just walk around a while before get back.

trying to figure out how to capture a good selfie with the support stick

Drink this before out for dinner, it's a local beer named LION, taste nice and I like it. The price is same with others beer, around RS 160 for each.

went to Hokky Tokky for Dinner. The french fries is even better than the main


upcoming post for Day 2