27 July 2014

Day 2.

There are a long day for drive from Negombo to Anuradhapura, feeling sleepy all the way as wake up so early... stop at half way for refresh and get this King Coconut
King Coconut
Local said that this coconut is different from others countries and it really taste different. For me, I think the Thailand coconut is yummy than this. Maybe just the color slightly diff.
Let's talk a little bit about Anuradhapura, I always thought it was an attraction I could walk in and see around..As from what I research before, I thought like that. I felt it wrong when I entered the area of historical site.

Actually the place which name Anuradhapura is a whole ancient city of the previous kingdom. Feeling surprise when I step in.

When I first get this entrance ticket I felt weird as there are three place can be tear off, after that found it there was my misunderstand. These are the main attraction for this ancient world.

Some pictures for you,,,

the white building is the new one and recovered by the UNESCO. This building is actually built for the purpose of praying. Don't knoe what it name (ignore my memorization)

the twin ponds for King and Queen which is remain very completeness

the remain historical building should looks like the above... I went to another place, not so remember the name, is also one of the famous temple around. It should pay for the entrance fee but luckily, I need not pay as when I'm there the office was closed.

After visit the ancient city, experienced to the bull car adventure.

taking the tuk tuk to the place

Actually the whole trip I packing myself like a muslim, I don't want to get darker, I wanna be fair~~~~
Some pics around the activity.

Okay, this the a rooftop small house for those farmer sleep or rest and prevent the animals come to destroy their farm...I'm feeling excited when climb up but it's so hard to get down.

a stupid face pic...And, went to ate some roti made by the local by using traditional way

Some scene when get back to my car.

That night I stay a horrible hotel. It's like a haunt house.................................................!!


upcoming post for Day 3