03 August 2014

Day 3.

Wake up early and get my journey from Habanara to Sigiriya....It's actually nearby to the place..

This is the CD which is the explanation for the whole site

Reach there around 8.30am, like killing me for doing this kind of thing....The entrance and the whole kingdom is surrounded by this lake...(Some history affair, if you interest may Google search it)

Some pics when visit around.........

Actually the UNESCO is also help the country recover back this site,,

At the end I will climb up to the on top of rock~~!!!

These below is the wall paint famous around the world...

As you seen at the pic, I get to climb and go thru this kind of places..

The scene on the half way,,

The rock is the lion rock ,the origin faded and left the paw only...Some pic for fun,,,

the scene on top.

I feel very wrong to plan to go Sigiriya and Dambulla Temple on the same day as this two attraction need to climb so many stairs.... The Dambulla Temple is located on top of hill...

The museum at the bottom of hill,,

The entrance to climb up the temple,,,WTF

The temple is pretty and awesome but I not really interest about the Buddhist figure and actually the way their pray is different from our country,,so ..................

Some of the pics inside the temple, there are lot of different Buddhist figure and paint work....

This is one of the way local pray, the will hang up some lamp or flag or kite let it fly when wind blow, they think this might make their dream come true..

My selfie when reached hotel, I am superb tireddddddddddd.......

My lunner at the hotel, the french fries delicious than burger~!!! Hotel is nice as on top of hill and I can get some view from room balcony...

I'm just a random writer, don't know much description
don't expect much ya~

BTW, actually wanted combine post with day 4 but the pics too a lot so that I decided seperate it.


upcoming post for day 4