13 August 2014

Day 8 & 9.

I already lost my memory, I tried to memorize those ....!!!

I tied up my hair coz the weather damn hot and I don't want my hair become oily under the sun burn
I bring few clothes only so need to repeat some 

I braid my hair and tied it up so that I looks nature and neat

before I get to Bentota, I get a visit to Galle fort. It's one of the reason i wanna go to Sri Lanka.
These are some scene and view I capture inside the fort.

This is the famous lighthouse

Then, I go to Bentota for my hotel. Bentota is a smaller beach than Unawatuna, it locate at the middle point to Colombo.
Saw this cute greeting decoration from the hotel,,,

This coconut drinks like the mouse, so damn cute>,,,<~!!!

I need to admit that I'm fucking bored as the beach is nothing, hotel massage to expensive so I not bare to spend my money...Just read something and whatsapp my friend disturb them!!

At night, I went to a restaurant nearby to grab some seafood. My tour guide told me that seafood at Bentota is cheaper than others place. I'm not compare much, But I get a lobster for RS 6,000 (with the salad, fried rice and soup).

The next day, I really get mad about the travel agency as they not arrange probably, I can't get my train journey to Colombo...............Damn!!WTH~

At the end I seat car to destination. As I reached hotel around 11am (I skip lot of schedule that I think not necessary, that's the main reason why I'm so free at all the trip), I take a rest and walk out myself to look around this capital.
Actually their capital is nothing better than our normal city, but they still develop their country, who's know, maybe one day they will better than us.

Okay, back to the topic, I walk out myself and look for Galleries Cafe. It's about 10 minutes walking distance from my hotel. Need to admit that I will miss this place very much, one of the best cafe I'd been. It locate at Paradise road, is behind some of the hotel and around housing area.... The main entrance,,,,

after you walk in will see these arts,,,

The unique art seat,,,

The cafe itself,,,,

I'm still full and left not much money, so I get desserts and tea only. From what i seen people recommend, it really has nice ambiance and delicious food....Their food and beverage price is like our normal price, some of it might cheaper than here....

After that I went to Cargills Food City nearby the shopping mall, get some snacks to try and the cup noodles????


finally left one post only....