14 August 2014

The End?

This is the first time I post about travel, I'm still need some time to add on the detail of my trip. The place I visited will be add on to the detail like before. My English not that good so all the thing might not so clear but I try to get my best to edit those information. 

The last day at Sri Lanka I do nothing. Seriously, after my breakfast I'm lazy so I just spend my times at hotel room with some movies channel and wait for my driver fetch me to airport.

Spend quite a long time to check in and on board.

This is the first time I travel alone. I'm not brave enough to become a backpacker. I contact with a travel agency as the prove they offered is similar with what I research online. I do much research online so that lot of places I explore I know well. 

The only exception is Anuradphura. I'm surprise that the whole area is historical site. Anyway, I will get to update if I memorize any important message.

I reached Malaysia around 10pm, ,mummy come and fetch me and we get dinner at the airport mall.
A cafe called Nanny Pavillion. I love the blueberry lemonade, never try this before but it taste fresh.

Nothing much to update, thanks for reading although it spend much of time than I imagine. It happened one month ago...Time flies, maybe I will went back to this beautiful and friendly country one day.