31 August 2014

Start up.

Hey~I din update since last time getting emo and emotional stress...(like finally cheer up myself)
wanna update about myself, I finally enrolled to my degree course, major in International Business and YES, I choose Taylor's again
Among my choices I really get a long consideration just decide to go back Taylor's, actually it's not a place I can really afford but about the credit transfer let me feel so troublesome for register others Uni, if study oversea it must be spent a lot... From my long consideration (like wasted one year of time) it become my best selection.
FYI, if you know me well, I'm not that kind of saving person, I do spent a lot for apparel and travel although it's such kind useless leisure
Anyway, I become a student again...Also, I'd like to introduce you my previous colleage if I can manage to align my pics at Adecco.

Class start week ago but for now is Merdeka holiday, I get back hometown again, and check my myopic eye...My degree increase again, what should I do about... As you can see, the lens is quite thick but I like this new spec much♥

And I finally get a new pair of sport shoes which suit my short & fatty leg... It's slip on and like an outgoing pair of shoes, I decide to wear it for mix and match also...

Lastly, anything of you wanna ask me can comment it at the right bar, I locate a comment bar for convenience.