04 August 2014

Day 4.

---------- 题外话----------
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went to Kandy attraction Tooth Relic Temple, it is famous as there are a tooth relic keep inside the temple, just like how it named.

the entrance, aware of the flag, there are the symbol for Sri Lanka Buddhist temple, which mean every temple will hand on this flag to let ppl know....

inside of the temple....

there will be lot of ppl pray at the temple whenever their festival, full month or weekend.

the below is the museum, the portrait hang up on top which described the history of the tooth relic. For Sri Lanka ancient city, tooth relic mean authority and power of the kingdom.

After that hang around the Royal Botanical Garden, nothing special, just diff species of plantation.

Really love this picture, like the lover will together forever<3

Then, went to a jewellery shop to get some gem for my mum, I din take any pics when I'm around but you will be treat like a billionaire, there are lot of diff kinds of gem show you in front and you just need to get decision for which you prefer, like very shiok~!!

After that went to a hilltop restaurant, ate the delicous Nasi Berayani....

the view at the restaurant..........

when I get back to hotel I saw this tower decoration,,,

Some night scene from my room balcony....

 upcoming post for Day 5