20 March 2014

Acme Bar & Coffee.

It's one of the trending cafe happening at KL area.
Yea~I'm get to know it just from last year August and finally got chance to went there for twice only.
So far overall is good but their service need to be improve. Maybe just becoz everytime I'm sitting outdoor. But their seat for indoor is actually always full. I'm not a really patient ppl to wait at there starving so I choose to be suffer under the sunshine. If you got chance to come here you can see that waiting list is quite long.

Their menu for all day brunch. It suit for the ppl like me who always wake up late. FYI, brunch is serving daily from 9.30am-5pm.

A coffee that make you sober.
I order this omelete for my first try

Shrimp Omelette Wrap
Little fatty having this

King of breakfast

Mummy having this

Healthy breakfast salad

Not really remember what their order...Maybe the name might be wrong.....

Honey Lime Squezze for chilling at the hot summer...

Shaken Honey Lemon Juice
This appetizer is well recommended, can you guess what it makes from?

Patate Fritte

Tadaa~it's actually make from potatoes but when you bite it feel like eating the chicken popcorn. The leave is really delicious, it was like biting smtg crispy & taste good.

The pasta is special, the potion is big enough for full. Maybe you saw this pic feel like I was cheat on you but trust me, their food is really design to fit your stomach.

Rigatoni Putanesca

A combination of plate will be come out ABC, a little detail design that ppl might not notice. I notice that after my friend told me...blah blah blah~

The famous sizzling choc brownie. It recommend from lot of bloggers and website, I try this when I visit the second times, when the waiter serve you this, the choc burn taste will be surround you.

Sizzling Brownie and Oreo Ice Cream

I do like it but you must eat it fast as the chocolate sauce be burn out in 90 seconds.

Sitting outdoor is like burning

Going to come here more often, if you come at night the atmosphere will be better. I pass by several time before I went to visit here, the lighting and the environment at night is totally different at the daytime.

More details:

Acme Bar & Coffee

Unit G1 The Troika
19 Persiaran KLCC
50450, KL.